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Boroline, an antiseptic formula concocted pre-Independence, still governs the Pharma sector today

From winter-induced dry skin and oil-induced pimples to swellings, cuts, burns, Boroline has been India's go-to cream for almost 92 years now. Doubt it?

Ask a Bengali.

Despite the deluge of pricey skincare products that have invaded the Indian market, this Rs. 38 green tube still has a whopping 22% market share!

The story dates back to the early 1900s when the concept of a national identity started emerging.

As Indians became more aware of the injustices of British rule, the Moderators launched the Swadeshi Movement in defiance of the British plan to split Bengal.

While some of our Indian heroes chose the path of protest, others sought to empower the Indian population economically, and through this- India's freedom.

Gour Mohan Dutta, a Bengali pharmaceutical merchant, took the latter path.

In 1902, Britishers imposed high tariffs on imported goods.

So, with the vision of providing a high-quality product to his Swades, Dutta began manufacturing 25Kgs of Boroline every day, and became a local favourite quickly.

Threatened by its substantial success, Britishers tried to halt the production of Boroline.

After India's independence in 1947, Dutta used newspapers to reach out to a broader audience.

He ran an ad in a Calcutta newspaper, encouraging readers to trade a cutout of the advertisement for a free sample.

Dutta sold 1 lakh free samples in a single day.

Though Boroline's image has evolved - from a tender face cream in the 1950s to an Omni-purpose cream for skin problems - its consistent design has helped Boroline create long-term recall value across generations in a family.

Boroline's excellent quality, high recall value, consumers' undying loyalty have allowed the company to remain relevant today - a reason why the company does not spend on advertising.

Boroline has been run on zero debt for the past 92 years, & nostalgia is a key factor in its success!

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