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The power of manifesting

Practising gratitude has gotten me through the most challenging times of my life, which was no different this year.

As 2021 ends, it's time to reflect upon all the great things that happened this year and the ones that didn't.

I am documenting what happened below to further strengthen my belief in manifesting life's incredible things by working towards it.

- I moved to Europe - a dream since I was 10 years old

- Quit airtel and got into freelancing full time

- Earned 3.5x of monthly salary within first 30 days

- Launched my website & worked with many global clients

- Signed up for GrowthX, up-skilled, & found amazing friends & mentors

- Joined StockGro to lead all marketing initiatives

- Took 6+ paid live classes on conversion writing/the art of copywriting

I remember wishing upon these goals earlier this year, some even before that, and while some of them didn't come true, I am glad that most of them did.

2022, ready for all the failures and wins you have in store for me!

Let's learn and grow together.

Have questions? Let's connect.

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