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Write better & 
accelerate your career


Writing that talks to readers and makes them do stuff.

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Community for

Access premium gigs. Get new leads. Grow your freelancing business. Build your personal brand.  

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The makers of the internet.

Those who want to build their personal brand & scale their side hustle through great storytelling.


The thinkers, dreamers, & artists.


People who want to write action-oriented, high-converting copies for work & to kill it  


The hustlers.

Those who want to accelerate their career through better pitches, cold emails, personal branding 

from those who've learned

"It was a safe space and everyone was learning together.


The way Shewali taught, her knowledge, and how she put this across were highly engaging, and I was always left wanting to know more.


She's the sweetest person and a natural teacher! I'd just like to thank Shewali for such a wonderful experience!"

Snigdha Khera
  • LinkedIn

"I have got nothing but gratitude post the session"


The course has given me a lot of confidence and avenues to explore copywriting.


Coming from a different academic field I knew I wanted to pursue copywriting, but required a handholding through the aspects of it.


I am glad I had Shewali for it."

Shreshtha Saha
Shreshtha Saha
  • LinkedIn

"The only copywriting workshop you'll ever need.


From formulas to copywriting hacks, from customer profiles to knowing consumers' biases, Shewali covered every damn thing.


Shewali's copywriting workshop was the first and last workshop I attended. As the content she offered with her workshop covers everything from the basics to advanced."

Kshitiz Pandey
  • LinkedIn

get battle-ready in 1 week 🚀

Bootcamp curriculum gets you ready for writing like a pro. 

Write stories that get people hooked

1 week. 3 Sprints. 


Fundamentals of


Clear Thinking = Clear Writing. The fundamentals of writing are all about developing a clear conscious to structure your writing

  • Finding your unique plot

  • Exploring the emotional appeal

  • Storytelling

  • Problem solving & Solution offering


Writing formulas

& techniques to live by

It’s all about the science behind writing the most clickable, sellable, appealing copies. Use these to break the clutter & stand out.

  • AIDA

  • PAS

  • FAB

  • 4C’s

  • 4U’s

  • Before-after-bridge


The psychology
behind writing

How do you get into a consumer’s mind and talk to them? In this section, we’ll deep dive into user psychology to make a difference

  • Cognitive biases

  • Buying behaviour

  • User journey

  • Priming through words


Everyday writing


There’s a human on the other side of the screen - let’s write for them. Let’s decode how to write that immediately clicks

  • Cold emails

  • DM/ work-related pitches 

  • Notifications

  • Social captions


Kick-off your

freelancing career

The last leg of the course is monetization because nobody wants to host free lunches. Here’s we’ll talk pure business

  • How to make a kick-ass writing portfolio

  • The perfect pitch

  • Pricing & the famous 3M framework

  • Negotiation


Case studies on

world's biggest brands

A detailed tear down of how the top 1% companies in the world used storytelling to build their brand and go viral.

  • Apple

  • Slack

  • Amazon

  • Pixar

  • Zomato

after this boot camp,
you'll be able to


Kick-off your freelancing career or start a side hustle by offering your writing services


Share your story, learnings, & journey with  in a unique way & build an audience for yourself


Create your growth system and generate leads on LinkedIn/ Twitter. Start monetizing

Read More >


Create an everlasting content loop of engaging content, never run out of ideas, & reset your creativity 


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Live Hours

About the Coach

Hello, I am Shewali, and I have 7+ years of experience in content marketing.

My core expertise lies in writing high-converting copies, headlines that bring clicks from your target audience, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns through storytelling.

After spending significant time in the digital world, it is my conviction that copywriting is one of the most valued skills for founders, marketers, product owners, students, and anyone who's trying to create a digital identity, therefore, in these sessions, we'll talk about how to make conversions with your audience with nothing but powerful and precise wording

Shewali Tiwari Marketing Courses
  • What is this boot camp?
    A 1 week-long cohort-based course for people who want to write better online, at work, social media or professionally. I will take you through the writing pedagogy of some of the finest brands in the world, tear down website pages, understand consumer psychology in detail & a lot more this week. Bootcamp attendees will leave with a writing portfolio & a writing strategy of their own.
  • Who is this bootcamp for?
    The boot camp is for everyone who wants to hone the way they write. Students who are just venturing into their first jobs and want to articulate their thoughts better, internet users who want to build their brand by writing online, and digital writers who want to up their game must take this workshop. The most powerful skill on the Internet today is the ability to write.
  • What will the boot camp week look like?
    We will meet 3 times a week for 2 hours each. Every day, we will discuss writing formulas, strategies, a case study, and an assignment to build your writing portfolio. A typical week looks like this: 👉 Day 1: The writer's starter pack. We discuss the fundamentals of writing along with the most popular and commonly used formulas by some of the most viral brands in the world. We wrap the day with a small assignment. 👉 Day 2: It gets tough here. We understand reader psychology and how to write in a way that pushes people to take action. The conversion focused writing strategy is for everyone who’s aiming to drive direct action of their readers. We wrap up the day by learning how to write highly convertible cold emails, pitches, social media captions. 👉 Day 3: A service is as good as its distribution, right? Before I let you go, we’ll talk about distribution, content loop, how to kick off your freelancing career and get clients in detail. We wrap up the final day with a good QnA session on writing in the digital age & proof of work for you to get rolling.
  • Do I have to attend all live sessions in real-time?
    There will be no recordings and all sessions will be in real time. We believe that recordings will not be as helpful as live classes in which we may engage and jam. If you've booked a spot in a class for a specific date and are unable to attend, please contact us and we'll shift you to the next batch.
  • I work full time. What is the expected time and commitment?
    6 hours total commitment for the boot camp and an additional 2 hours for you to complete your assignments over the week.
  • Will I get to interact with other students?
    Yes, you can interact with your batchmates during and after the class. We will also host 30-minute hangout sessions throughout the week to network and unwind.
  • Does the bootcamp come with a certificate of completion?
    We don’t believe in certificates. This workshop is to apprise you with skills, hacks, & strategies to approach writing for the digital age.
  • Do I get the assistance from you after the bootcamp?
    Yes. You can reach out to me on Twitter & Linkedin.
  • Can I cancel my course purchase if I don’t like it? Will I get a refund?
    We will refund 100% of the cost of the boot camp, minus the payment gateway charges if you initiate a request to cancel 4 days before the bootcamp. Post which, there will be no refunds.
  • I have a different question. Where can I ask it?
    Please reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Join an upcoming cohort

₹ 1,999

Starting Date

7:30 - 9:30PM  IST

We wrap up the boot camp in
3 sessions, alternate days, 2 hours each. 

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