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Nike, a $39Bn marketing approach that goes beyond Just Doing It

Marketers avoid politics at any cost, except Nike.

Nike has waged a revolution against inequality & injustice.

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, adheres to the principle that a brand should have a clear identity among buyers, which is achieved by sending out a clear, consistent message over time.

People don't buy what you sell; they buy why you sell it

Nike is no longer just a shoe company; it is a reflection of its customers' beliefs.

Nike’s ads foster fresh talents, outsiders who have faced obstacles & have polarising views, which align with Nike's core values.

And these emotions instil in buyers a sense of inclusivity, which prompts trust.

Nike's first ‘Just Do It’ campaign tackled ageism in sports, featured an 80- year old Walt Stack, increased Nike's revenue from $877Mn to $1.2Bn.

In 1996, Nike took another risk by allying with the LGBTQ+ community to openly embrace homosexuality at a period when it wasn't even discussed.

Another ad featured a gay HIV runner, Rick Munoz, which boosted Nike's revenue by 36%.

But there is one campaign that has sparked the greatest debate & served as a catalyst for Black Lives Matter.

Nike ad featured Colin Kaepernick, an NFL player who kneeled during the National Anthem to protest police brutality on black men.

Within the first 2 hrs, socials were flooded with protests with #BycottNike trending 1 worldwide! In 24 hrs, Nike's stocks dropped by 3.2%.

While it may appear that Nike dug its tomb, this one too turned out in its favour. Nike's sales rose by 31% in the next 3 days.

Celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Nick Cannon, and Nike supporters came together to buy Nike gear & began donating it.

Nike doesn’t merely decide to release such statements & commit political correctness suicide. Nike has a strong understanding of its users.

As per a study, GenY & GenZ make belief-led purchasing decisions, and to top it off, 76% of Nike's buyers fall into this category.

Because Nike's buyers share its vision, they go above & beyond to support Nike's voice.

These reactions create trends in media, making it a national issue that invites more publicity, and Nike ends up with Mn of dollars worth of free media coverage!

Nike loves controversy as it recognises its potential to influence, and uses it to make a difference.

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